How does lean manufacturing work for a batch process?

flow rack

Lean manufacturing is a popular practice that can benefit many different businesses. One industry that benefits from implementing lean is batch production, or batch processing. Many customers mistakenly think that lean only applies to large-scale production companies rather than smaller niche markets. However, as the experts at C Tek will explain, lean manufacturing also has…

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3 ways work stations can benefit your company

work station

It might not sound like a big deal, but having a proper workstation setup can provide many benefits for a business. With the right workstation, employees will benefit from a physically healthier workspace and a more productive workspace. Taking the time to show that you care about your employees’ health and wellbeing also makes them…

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How you can implement lean manufacturing in your office


Implementing lean manufacturing into an office environment might not seem intuitive, but it is just as beneficial as implementing the strategy into the production cycle. In a corporate setting, implementing the practice will bring order and efficiency to the workplace. It is easy to make small but meaningful changes that will also increase productivity and…

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How does lean connect to sustainability


Although you might not immediately make the connection, sustainability and lean manufacturing go hand-in-hand. Lean’s ultimate goal and concept is to make the workplace as efficient as possible, which also means reducing or eliminating waste. There is a strong emphasis on continual improvement across a number of key categories including delivery, quality, cost, and service.…

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The origins of lean manufacturing

C Tek MODEX 2018

Lean manufacturing has a long and distinguished past, even more so than many people realize. While many associate the concept with Toyota Motors, the concept actually dates back to Venice, Italy in the 1450s. While the concept has been adopted and replicated by many companies today, it has been adjusted and improved by a few…

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5 ways to identify waste


Successfully implementing lean processes provides a number of benefits for businesses. There are always ways to improve upon a lean process within a company, but doing so takes several steps. One of the easiest and most effective ways to make a lean process more efficient, as C Tek can explain, is to eliminate wasteful processes.…

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Join us at the ATX West expo!

Anaheim Convention Center

Mark your calendars – the annual ATX West Expo is approaching, and C Tek will be there! This year, the Expo will be held at the ATX West center in Anaheim, CA. The conference will take place between August 10th and August 12th. ATX West is a hub for robotics, automation, and smart manufacturing. In…

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Lean manufacturing vs. operational excellence

The business world is often filled with buzz words and trendy topics. Two phrases that you may be familiar with are “lean manufacturing” and “operational excellence.” Both are familiar terms, and you might be wondering how they are different, if at all. While both terms refer to a company’s efforts to strive for continual improvements,…

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Why is lean manufacturing called lean?

For many people, the term “lean” manufacturing is a novel concept. After all, isn’t manufacturing all about large production volumes by nature? C Tek Lean Solutions explains that although it might sound counter-intuitive to the industry, lean manufacturing has a place in business operations of all kinds. The general premise behind lean is to reduce…

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7 steps to start lean manufacturing at your company

From improved efficiency and customer satisfaction to an increase in revenue, lean manufacturing has many positive benefits for companies and the customers that they serve. Although lean has a number of advantages, not all businesses have adopted the practice. If your company has not yet started using lean manufacturing, you’re in a great position to…

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3 lean manufacturing tools

Lean manufacturing is one of the top practices in the manufacturing industry today. Lean is an entire system designed to eliminate waste, improve efficiency, build customer trust and satisfaction, and ultimately improve a business’s bottom line. It’s easy to think of lean manufacturing as a toolbox that contains a number of different “tools” to help…

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