Movement is important on every work floor, and no production space runs proficiently without the power of carts. Save not only time by taking less trips across the floor, but increase material productivity through this key lean solutions tool.

Designed to fit into your desired space, carts function to bring what little or big material is needed to the next part of the assembly line. This lighter method of travel offers new ways of utilizing the layout of your work floor, placing safety and efficiency among all four easy-to-maneuver wheels.


Each structure plays a role in lean practices in any workspace. The customized cart is a necessary tool in production transportation, fitting your manufacturing needs into the hands of your team.

Below are some of our most popular carts designed for your specific work floor:

  • Maintenance Carts¬†
  • Transport Carts
  • Flow Carts
  • Parent/Child Carts
  • Tool Carts
  • Water-Spider Carts


Additional examples include: Tug-Trains, Swap-Outs, Shopping Carts, Tool Carts, Bump-N-Go Carts, Janitor Carts, Economy Carts and 5S Carts. Square Tube based structures are now available.

Our carts are equipped with quad-steer capability and are proudly AGV system friendly. Contact our team to learn more about the increasing benefits of customized lean carts.

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