The Pro Pipe System is the perfect tool for dynamic assembly and material handling operations. Its durable components allow easy application of lean manufacturing principles. Fully assembled, custom designed applications derived of this system include:

  • Full Rack and Flow Structure Assembly Services
  • Standard and Custom Starter Kits
  • Tool Stations
  • Modular Units
  • Cantilever Applications
  • Ergo Carts
  • Highly Customized Units

Pro-Pipe offers a cost-effective solution to continuous improvement of operations. With stronger racks and structures, this essential building system requires less maintenance than its competitive systems.

Proven for its savings in key areas of continuous improvement, this system guides inventory control and reduction of WIP bottlenecks, and generates overall growth in material flow and productivity. Talk to a representative and discover the 12 essential building blocks that work as the base for our clean and functional applications with world-class durability.