The EZ Build System is a steel, modular 28mm based pipe and connector system designed for maximum efficiency in all environments. Its professional design has a range of applications for lean improvement initiatives, including the following:

  • Manual Assembly Work Stations and Tables
  • Custom Flow Racks and Inventory Control Units
  • Ergonomic Transport Solutions
  • Kanban Systems
  • Information Signs and Tool Shadow Box Carts

This easy-to-assemble system improves material flow to create a safe, more productive work setting.  These custom structures will provide a strong solution to the ever-changing requirements on the work floor.

All EZ Build Systems are built with our unique steel pipe, coated with an ABS Resin on its exterior surface and an anti-rust inhibitor on the interior. Available in a variety of colors, our coated pipe is easy to cut and available at competitive pricing. Systems are also built in our Stainless Steel and ESD/Conductive pipe, with high surface resistance to abrasion.

The application of this system reaches across all industries, providing services for automotive and electronic productions, as well as other material handling businesses. EZ Build is proven to deliver products that generate customer satisfaction and savings.