Our lightweight, high corrosion resistant aluminum tube system, better known as the AL System, is the precise choice for applications that require a more complex design. With the most configurability of our systems, structural profiles built of this material have a multitude of uses:

  • Structures Built for Automation
  • Assembly Racks with 4 Direction Frames
  • Optimum Joint Parts for Structure Expansion
  • Alumite-Treated Frame Surface for High Humidity Workspaces

Aluminum Tube has further grown in popularity due to its environmental benefits. Not only is this system 99% recyclable, but it conducts less electricity per uses than the average non-recyclable structure.

This system is highly reusable, with easy disassembly and variability of connector-and-frame combinations. Help minimize material waste through exploring the possibility of this Aluminum Tube reorganization or expansion.

A key feature of this system is its 3 frame sizes, which allow for accurate connection, despite differences in external frame dimension. Without a need for specialized tools or devices, Aluminum Tube is designed for effortless customization.

For the convenience of our multisystem operators, Aluminum Tube can be integrated with EZ Build for additional versatility. Partner with our team of designers and discover the many possibilities of lean performance with our AL System.