workstations with conveyor
workstations with seats

Work Stations

How do we create a lean and organized work floor for your production team? By evaluating the assembly line of your floor, several structures will be determined as crucial to the overall manufacturing flow. The work station is undoubtedly one of them.

A lean work station is specially designed to meet its determined production task. With features such as motion, size, and function kept in mind, these structures perform to the requirements of the floor and their specific users.


The customizable structure of each workstation is designed in-house by our talented team. Each structure is beneficial to the different zones of your work floor, created to precisely meet your crew’s needs to eliminate waste and unnecessary steps.

  • Sub-Assembly Work Stations
  • Gravity Flow In-Out
  • 5S Work Stations
  • Flow Swap-Out
  • Custom Cut-Outs


Work stations are adaptable to include features necessary to you, such as Monitor/Keyboard Adapters, Multiples Surfaces, Overhead Tool Assists, Lighting/Electrical Adapters, and Shelving. These structures have the option of height adjustability and are both ESD and Ergo compliant.

To meet the new necessities of your floor or to fit your existing execution, our work stations can provide the perfect option for your team. Contact us today for additional questions on our lean work stations.