3 ways work stations can benefit your company

It might not sound like a big deal, but having a proper workstation setup can provide many benefits for a business. With the right workstation, employees will benefit from a physically healthier workspace and a more productive workspace. Taking the time to show that you care about your employees’ health and wellbeing also makes them more loyal and motivated at work. At the end of the day, that translates to greater output and more revenue. If you’re on the fence about getting work stations for your employees, C Tek can tell you several good reasons to make the investment.



Health Improvements

Healthcare is a major expense for employers, and quite often it causes headaches due to sick days, lost work time, and lower productivity that arises from an employee’s time off of work for health reasons. However, getting a quality ergonomic work station can make employees healthier, which in turn reduces the amount of time they’ll need to miss work for health reasons. Ergonomic workplaces have been shown to benefit the human body in a variety of ways. The cardiovascular system sees numerous advantages from an ergonomically sound environment. Stress and tension are also mitigated by using an ergonomic station. Eye strain and neck strain are also reduced, and employees will benefit from improved blood flow that prevents swelling in the lower body and legs.



Increased Productivity

Productivity increases when employees are seated or standing at an ergonomic work space. Ergonomic work areas are specially designed to alleviate physical pain and discomfort. That makes employees be able to focus more on the work that they need to complete rather than distracting injuries and pain. Employees will be more comfortable with an ergonomic workspace, which also will make them happier and more productive. Employees will also be less anxious, and a comfortable work space positively impacts their moods. Seeing that their employees are happy also makes managers happier, which translates to a better work environment all around. Ergonomic work areas also boost employee engagement by providing optimal conditions for their health and safety. Employees are more inclined to be involved in their daily tasks and bigger picture concepts if they feel that their employer cares about their health. Turnover decreases at the same time that involvement and productivity increase, which also makes other businesses more inclined to work with your company.



Safety and Hazard Mitigation

Along with creating a healthier and more productive work environment, ergonomic stations also make the workplace safer. Switching to an ergonomic work area can reduce the number of hazards in a work area, which can range from exposed wires and power cords to uneven or unsteady tables and chairs that might be broken. Installing an ergonomic work area is also a great way to clean up a work area and make it more productive. It is also a good way to look at the office layout to see what hazards may exist and remove them. While management should give the work area a thorough inspection, it’s also helpful to ask the employees who work there each day what hazards they feel exist and are detracting from their work performance. Asking for their opinion and input shows care on the employer’s side, while actually implementing the change shows the employees that they have been heard. By eliminating hazards, employers allow their employees to focus on their work rather than distractions caused by health and safety issues.



From making a workplace healthier and safer to strengthening partnerships with other businesses and increasing product output, employers will benefit from installing ergonomic work stations in many ways. For tips and advice on making the change, contact C Tek for support.