Flow Racks

Production on any work floor rises when movement shifts from employees to custom-built structures. Flow racks provide a reduction in individual movement through operating with gravity; the inclined design supports container flow from the front to the back of these racks.

With gravity on your side, our ergo compliant flow racks provide a hand-free options to continue manufacturing at a fruitful pace. Features, such as dunnage return and lane dividers, work to better match the needs of your lean environment.


Our customized flow racks are heavy-duty built to withstand all the assembly action. Their mobility offers a compliancy with any layout changes and cuts down on the need for temporary structures.

Here are just some of the options for your customized flow rack:

  • FIFO Flow Racks
  • Kaizen Flow Racks
  • Supermarket Flow Racks
  • Sub-Assembly Racks
  • Transport Flow Racks


Save resources and time by working with a designer on a flow rack that matches your needs. Additional features and racks include sequences/staging, pick-to-light, pick presentation, 5S flow racks, and custom part flow.

Talk to one of our representatives today to discover the added benefits of flow racks to your floor.

Introducing C Tek's new Configurator

Design and build your own flow rack today.

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