Product spotlight: Information boards

In the business world, companies are always looking to improve. One way that they strive to improve is through information dissemination. You may be aware that there are different methods available for relaying information, and different avenues are more appealing to consumers than others. One popular way to provide information to customers is through visual learning. One type of visual information dissemination is called an “information board,” which is one of the most effective and digestible forms of relaying information around the world. If your company has not yet caught on the the “information board” craze, here’s a glimpse into what it means and how you can benefit from making the switch.


What is an Information Board?

An information board is ultimately a type of visual learning. It helps to visually display critical information to team members within a company’s department or within the company as a whole. The goal of the board is to properly communicate and relay information so that the team or the company know what tasks need to be accomplished and understand how their individual roles can help to make that happen. The boards will help to ramp up production by meeting specific creation needs identified by the company. There are different options available in case the company has specialized needs that need to be addressed in order to improve production and efficiency, including storage space, mobility, and more.


Information Board Structures

Structures for information boards will vary depending on the company and its specific needs. Some companies will be fine using a board with a single-face design, while others may need more complex designs that call for multiple boards or a single board with multiple dimensions. Some information boards that a company may consider are standard white boards, PEG boards, multi-sided boards, and shadow boards. If you are not sure what kind of board will be best for your company’s requirements, don’t hesitate to ask the C Tek team for their input.


Information Board Features

Regardless of the board design that you choose, you can expect to get a variety of features at the end of the day. Customers can easily keep tabs on the information that they want to relay and display in a variety of ways. To start, you can keep tabs on visual goals and the progress that you have made on reaching those goals through a board, which is a great way to keep the team connected and engaged. The advantage of boards is that they can be designed to help meet a company’s goals and objectives, which also helps shift focus away from waste, which includes wasted time and resources, and focuses that attention instead on manufacturing flow and improvements that can be made to the processes at hand. The boards also allow managers to connect with their team members to improve production and communication, which in turn enhances efficiency and satisfaction in workplace settings that constantly change.


Safety Improvements

Another key advantage of adopting the boards for internal use is that they can improve safety measures within a company. Visual management can easily be used to help reduce or prevent the number of errors that a company sees by making it easier and more rewarding for employees to act correctly and efficiently. Alternatively, a visual management technique can also be used to ensure that employees do not act incorrectly. The information boards are also designed to reduce communication within a company and across teams. The goal is to provide people with the information they need quickly and efficiently.


To find out more about how visual management can help your company achieve its goals, contact the staff at C Tek today.