Storage Racks

Like workstations and carts, storage racks are a crucial structure to the overall manufacturing flow. It would be hard to find a lean-practicing work floor without a single storage rack in sight. If implemented correctly, lean production is increased by the right number of racks designed at the exact size needed for your space.

Our storage racks are constructed for long durability, protecting all parts and items they contain. Adaptability is an additional key feature in construction, allowing racks to continuously fit the changes of your working floor.


With constant change comes the great advantage of mobility; our racks can be designed with wheels to permit floor updates on a regular basis.

The features of our racks work as valuable assets to your lean layout:

  • Flat Shelving
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Lockers/Tool Bins
  • Vertical/Horizontal Pick
  • Size Variability

Training your team on our lean-designed storage racks will result in increased safety and efficiency. Production time will be better spent on the important tasks at hand rather than looking for misplaced material.

storage racks
storage racks assembled