C TEK STARTER KITS are ideal if you are just familiarizing yourself (or your company) with modular pipe & connector systems for your Lean Manufacturing initiatives. Our kits come with enough material to get you started building:

  • Workstations
  • Flow Racks
  • Carts
  • Information Stations

Each kit is designed to give you a great selection of parts to get you started, giving you a good supply of common fast-moving parts, while also giving you some other parts you will find useful but won’t be using as much. Once you have some stock on hand you will learn what parts are used more than others and can then reorder accordingly.

We have two kits at two different price points. The smaller kit, our KAIZEN KIT is excellent for complementing a future Kaizen Event.

How Many Structures Can I Build From A Kit?

Generally, it all depends on what you are building and more importantly the size. Usually up to 3 large structures or 5-6 smaller structures. Most common structures will utilize from 3-6 pipes. Note, pipes are about 13’ long (4 Meters) before they are cut down to size. That should give you some indication of how many things you can build; by dividing into the number of pipes supplied with each of the two kits. Note, you may still run out of things like casters, feet, conveyor before you run out of pipe and connectors. But no problem, you can just order more as needed.

Samples Of What You Can Build

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 2.49.17 PM
Sample Kits (3)

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