How C Tek Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

What We Do

You may wonder how a company based in North Carolina can provide lean solutions to industries across North America.

It’s simple: we practice what we preach.

C Tek Lean Solutions is no different from many businesses in our field, consisting of a bustling work floor, productive office front, and a creative design force. Like you, we are always on the lookout for the best lean solutions to drive your business objectives.

For all services to flow from conception to distribution, it takes a team passionate about implementing time-saving and efficient practices. Whether you are a loyal customer, or brand new to our company, we are excited to share with you who we are and why we believe in supplying lean solutions for material handling needs.

What We Provide

C Tek Lean Solutions is located just outside Charlotte, North Carolina, with strong transportation route accessibility. With 20 years of experience, we are thrilled to have a place among the material handling industry to provide lean solutions and practices across the continent’s work floors.

None of C Tek Lean Solutions’ thriving success would be possible without our knowledgeable staff and the high-quality products we support. Our brand products of American Pro-Pipe, EZ Build, AL System, and the STS System permit us to create the best use of the products to drive the greatest solutions. The four modular build systems produce opportunities for innovation, cost reductions, safety, and efficient structures, helping support our customers’ lean initiatives.

Who We Are

Our leadership department consists of years of experience in management and lean methods. The creation of our new STS System came from this department, seeing a need for the product in our industry and taking the initiative to meet it.

If you have a question about our lean methods, or maybe an order inquiry, our customer service team is always a phone call (or website chat!) away. The staff in charge of our office operations work heavily with all of C Tek’s departments to communicate your specific needs. Our team of engineers and designers are also available for any structural design questions.

There is always a constant wave of communication between our design teams and production department. Staffed with trained builders dedicated to constructing your custom applications, we take great pride in quick delivery of your lean structure.

Why We Choose Lean

The work and effort of each one of our team members is what creates the very fabric of C Tek Lean Solutions. We truly believe in the power of practicing lean solutions to save time and valuable resources. We are proud to practice what we preach and understand the necessity of this practice across industries.