6 Reasons to Invest in Lean Manufacturing

Introducing automation in your manufacturing process can be a big breakthrough for your organization. Several organizations begin to put into consideration methods by which they can improve their pricing, maximize profits, cut expenditures, and grow customers.

Today’s customers are pertinent on getting goods and services at improved costs, with better quality and prompt delivery. Obtaining these goals to attain customer satisfaction and at the same time maximize profit becomes a big issue, hence the need for lean management. Several organizations have come to realize that reducing non-value-added cost, improving quality and getting a higher percentage of satisfied customers is the new headway in business –this can be achieved through lean management.

If you are still on the verge of the decision whether your organization needs lean management or not, take a look at the following signs to see if your work floor could benefit from a lean upgrade:

1. High levels of reject and defects

Once you begin to encounter high levels of rejects and defects in your manufacturing chain, that is a sign for you to invest in lean manufacturing. You need a manufacturing method that can help you cut down on this drastically and lead to better conversion rates in good proportion to the production effort.

2. Failure to meet delivery deadlines

When you notice the inability for your organization to meet delivery deadlines, you should begin to consider lean management. Ability to meet delivery deadline reduces your credibility and affects the customer’s satisfaction, which is why the implementation of lean manufacturing becomes a necessity.

3. Reduced customer satisfaction

Reduced customer satisfaction is a terrible thing for any business as it can drastically reduce your profitability. Reduced customer satisfaction comes from several lags in the whole manufacturing-to-delivery process; this can be curbed through the automation and continuous improvements that lean manufacturing brings to play. Lean manufacturing helps you to increase customer satisfaction and cut waste hence leading to increased profitability.

4. Minimum efficiency in output per man hour

Your organization or business needs maximum efficiency per man hour for output. Reduced efficiency in output can slow down your manufacturing time and this is not good for business. Maximum efficiency can be easily achieved through automation and this will have a positive effect in your manufacturing process.

5. Very high level of inventory

In the case of a high inventory level, you should begin to consider investing in lean manufacturing. High level of inventory simply goes to connote that your company has difficulty in turning over inventory and making sales which in turn causes very poor turnover –and no one wants poor turnover as that does not create profit for any industry.

6. Machinery breakdown leading to downtime in manufacturing

Lean manufacturing helps with automation and ensuring machinery breakdown is eliminated to its barest minimum. If your company is encountering manufacturing downtime, then it is time to invest in lean manufacturing. Excessive lag in your manufacturing chain is definitely a sign you should look out for and avoid by all means.

Lean manufacturing is the practical and efficient standard in manufacturing – it helps you increase profitability, improve efficiency in operations and drastically cut down on every form of waste. Invest in lean manufacturing and increase your work floor’s productivity.