Your 2020 Guide to Lean Solutions

In this ultra-competitive marketplace, every business is looking for the “edge.”  Regardless of your company’s size, industry, or geography, implementing a lean mentality and process design will help your team excel against your competition. It’s a mentality, culture, and way of business that helps you get to the next level. Businesses that implement these solutions often experience a quick return on investment, enhanced safety and worker morale.

Anyone with access to budget reports may find themselves thinking, “there must be a more efficient way to grow our company’s production!”

You’re right! Lean solutions provide a more efficient way and you’re making the right choice by seeking them out. Now that you are ready to begin the lean journey, what are the appropriate next steps? Here’s a quick “How-To Guide” to execute the first few steps and get you off on your Lean Journey!

Understanding and Defining Your Company Goals

Execution begins with understanding. Any team must be on the same page before moving in a new direction. Therefore, it is crucial to not only communicate with each other, but to agree with what is most important to your company. From the individual to the department to the overall business, leaders need to confirm that goals are understood by all, once defined. The risk you run if comprehension is not recognized is that members of your team will be running around in different directions, most likely in counterproductive ways.

Evaluating All Processes

Now that you have laid out your company’s goals, it’s the perfect time to review the processes of each department. An action that was probably carried out before will now have a new purpose due to a clear definition of your objectives. What does this mean? Some departments have probably run a certain way for many years, but your team may have figured out that these procedures do not align with your lean goals. If this is the case, you will need to discuss what changes in that department can bring you to your new standard.

Transparency in Misconceptions

Lean has a misconception. Though you have read about the incredible benefits and why it is a necessary practice, some do not understand how incredibly crucial being lean is to the growth of their company. This can come from misunderstanding the process of going lean. The foundation of lean is reducing waste, and as a result, reducing operating costs. Some employees may be concerned being “lean” reduces the need for their position when in fact it is a way to utilize people in a proper manner. This may mean that jobs are modified, enhancing the productivity of the team and expanding capacity to grow the business and create opportunities for everyone. Team members will update or reinvent their skills to best meet what their company now practices.

Change Must Affect Everyone!
Going lean is going all in! All team members, from the office to the work floor, will benefit from implementing the lean strategy your company develops. Each department will be impacted (for the good!).
With change affecting all employees, learning is an encouraged, continual process. When your team is constantly on the lookout to improve their lean education, they are working towards your company’s overall improvement.