Lean into 2020

Two weeks into the New Year and some personal resolutions may already be just fond memories.

But do you make yearly resolutions for your business? It’s not too late to resolve to cut the fat in your processes and go lean in 2020.

Let C TEK Lean Solutions help you keep this year’s business resolutions.

C Tek Lean Solutions is your provider of engineered products that enhance the productivity and safety of manufacturing, distribution, and light assembly environments.  Through the application of our customized solutions, customers across multiple industries are increasing employee productivity, enhancing product flow, and saving valuable floor space.

Peruse our website for ideas on carts, information boards, flow racks, work stations and storage racks. Designed to fit into your desired space, carts function to bring what little or big material is needed to the next part of the assembly line. This lighter method of travel offers new ways of utilizing the layout of your work floor, placing safety and efficiency among all four easy-to-maneuver wheels. Save not only time by taking less trips across the floor, but increase material productivity through this key lean solutions tool.

A lean work station is specially designed to the requirements of the floor and its specific users. The customizable structure is created to precisely meet your crew’s needs to eliminate waste and unnecessary steps. Work stations are adaptable to include features you need such as Monitor/Keyboard Adapters, Multiples Surfaces, Overhead Tool Assists, Lighting/Electrical Adapters, and Shelving.

Like workstations and carts, storage racks are a crucial structure to the overall manufacturing flow. If implemented correctly, lean production is increased by the right number of racks designed at the exact size needed for your space. Our information boards allow you to add and remove information using the magnetic property of our boards, or display signs that will reach all members of the floor. Maintaining a key visual of goals and progress is a great way of reducing wasted time and improving manufacturing flow.

Already have our carts, racks and stations? Prefer to build your own? Need to replace some items? Request quotes via our website by searching our online catalog. Add items to your cart, fill in your name and company contact information and we’ll email you a quote back. Once we receive your PO, parts orders generally ship within one to two business days.

Ready to shape up in 2020 with lean solutions for your work environment? Connect with our team to improve communication and production in your ever-changing work space. Questions? Email us at customerservice@ctekls.com.