C TEK Brand Spotlight: Pro Pipe

C Tek Lean Solutions, a manufacturer of custom structures that enhance the productivity and safety of manufacturing and distribution environments, has expanded its product lines over the past few years. But our veteran Pro Pipe System stays in our lineup year after year.

Pro Pipe is the perfect tool for dynamic assembly and material handling operations. Its durable components allow easy application of lean manufacturing principles. Fully assembled, custom-designed applications derived from this system include:

  • Full Rack and Flow Structure Assembly Services
  • Standard and Custom Starter Kits
  • Tool Stations
  • Modular Units
  • Cantilever Applications
  • Ergo Carts
  • Highly Customized Units

Proven for its savings in key areas of continuous improvement, this system guides inventory control and reduction of WIP bottlenecks while generating overall growth in material flow and productivity. Pro Pipe is well suited for environments with temperature changes and conducive to applications with 5S cleaning requirements.

With stronger racks and structures, this essential building system requires less maintenance than its competitive systems. The Pro Pipe System is a 28.6mm powder coated pipe and connector system. Customers can have us design custom applications for them or purchase the pipe and connectors a la carte for in-house projects. The 10-foot pipe, available in 19- and 14-gauge options, can be cut to smaller sizes to help reduce freight charges for a nominal fee.

Check out the online Pro Pipe catalog at https://ctekleansolutions.com/app-part-catalog-category-page/. Already know what you need? Fill out a quote request here or call us at 704.895.0090.