4 Ways to Evaluate Lean Production Performance

Lean manufacturing uses several steps to create an end product and boost a company’s bottom line. Lean manufacturing is used to reduce waste, which entails reducing cycle production time and lowering cost while producing less inventory. Essentially, lean manufacturing aims to meet each customer’s needs by creating quality products that are delivered on time and are free of defects. The experts at C Tek Lean Solutions explain how to tell if lean manufacturing is working. 

Overall Cost

A key way to tell if your lean manufacturing process is working is by looking at expenses. Gradually, lean manufacturing should lower the cost of production for a company. It should also increase revenue by creating more satisfied customers. Reducing waste across all departments is a good way to reduce operating costs, which can be achieved by reducing cycle time and maximizing efficiency. 

Cycle Time

Another way to tell if lean manufacturing is working requires evaluating cycle time. Cycle time should gradually be reduced if lean manufacturing is implemented successfully. To lower cycle time, C Tek Lean Solutions puts equipment and machinery close together to create a product more quickly from start to end. The product exchanges hands and moves from one department to the next more rapidly by using lean manufacturing techniques, which in turn increases product output while lowering cycle time. 

Timely Delivery

Delivering products on time is crucial for companies. Unlike mass production, companies that use lean manufacturing only create products on demand. By creating products only when needed, companies expedite their production time and product quality while eliminating waste. 


The goal of lean manufacturing is to create quality products rather than quantity. To measure quality output, companies track defects along each stage of the production line. By reducing excess inventory, companies can minimize the number of defective products that reach consumers, which in turn improves customer satisfaction. 

If you have questions about lean manufacturing and its benefits, ask the experts at C Tek Lean Solutions for more details.