How Square Tube Systems Can Strengthen Your Carts and Dollies

In today’s manufacturing world, it’s important to have a cart that’s as strong and durable as possible. Fortunately, C Tek has just the solution that you need. With many systems available for each customer’s unique requirements, C Tek can easily help build a stronger base for your carts, workstations, and racks. One of C Tek’s exclusive and unique solutions is called a Square Tube System (STS), which is used along with an EZ-Build pipe to strengthen your carts and dollies.

What is a Square Tube System?

A square tube system can strengthen your carts and dollies in many ways. Square tube systems (STS) do not require welding, which makes them easier to assemble and more cost-efficient, as you’ll eliminate the pricing for fabrication equipment from the cost of system installation. These systems feature integrated piping and connector systems for a sturdy and durable design. Once constructed, an STS system has a base that can be towed and a light-weight top that is equally easy to maneuver. Additionally, STS systems offer a versatile design that is a great addition if you need flexible equipment to accommodate any work space.

STS System Applications

STS systems from C Tek are useful in many applications due to their versatile design. Some of the most common system applications include:

  • Heavy duty bases
  • Heavy duty push carts
  • Mother/daughter combinations
  • Flow racks
  • Rigid stands and center posts
  • Heavy duty work surfaces

No matter which application you use it for, your STS system is a versatile modular system that offers an alternative to connectors and pipes. STS systems have a more durable design and give you the option for a custom rather than generic modular solution that adapts to meet your specific manufacturing requirements and can strengthen your equipment.

Maximizing Efficiency

By improving the strength of your carts and dollies, STS systems also improve manufacturing efficiency, which in turn minimizes waste and lost value. Today, manufacturers that do not take action to improve their operating efficiencies is losing out. Reduced revenues, lost market share, and even loss of business or customers to competitors are just some of the pitfalls manufacturers may encounter if they don’t stay at the top of their game. STS systems are a perfect asset for manufacturers that want to stay at the forefront, as they can facilitate material handling to move more material overall and do so more quickly without sacrificing accuracy. STS systems also minimize the time required for changing over tools, which in turn also improves efficiency. The end result is better customer relationships and meeting, if not surpassing, even the tightest delivery goals.

For more information on the benefits of an STS system for your cart or dolly, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at C Tek today.