CTEK Brand Spotlight: Square Tube System (STS)

C Tek Lean Solutions, a manufacturer of custom structures that enhance the productivity and safety of manufacturing and distribution environments, has expanded its product lines over the past few years. 

Our newest product line is the Square Tube System, which fills the niche between the need for increase durability and rigidity over pipe and connectors. With the highest weight capacity of all our systems, the versatility of Square Tube allows for building numerous applications:

  • Heavy-Duty Push Carts
  • Mother/Daughter Combinations
  • Heavy Duty Bases
  • Rigid Stands and Center Posts
  • Flow Racks
  • Heavy-Duty Work Surfaces

Unlike similar systems, welding is not necessary for our Square Tube, removing the price of fabrication equipment from the budget. Production additionally results in lower labor costs through the elimination of outsourced, specialized personnel.

Enabling the integration of pipe and connector systems for top end design, this system creates a structure with a durable, towable base and a light top end for easy maneuvering. Transitioning to Square Tube for your next renovation not only offers less time on fabrication, but allows your team to utilize structures that truly enhance their workspace.

Check out the online catalog at www.ctekls.com. Already know what you need? Fill out a quote here or call us at 704.895.0090.