CTEK Brand Spotlight: EZ Build

C Tek EZ Build Logo

C Tek Lean Solutions, a leading lean solutions provider and manufacturer of custom structures that enhance the productivity and safety of manufacturing and distribution environments, has expanded its product lines over the past few years.  With this expanded solution offering, we can offer innovative products to complement its cornerstone line — EZ Build.

EZ Build is a complete 28 (MM) millimeter plastic resin coated offering that is used and trusted by some of North America’s most innovative companies.  The EZ Build line is a highly versatile line that can be customized to fit any manufacturing or distribution application — if you are looking to improve efficiency or safety, please engage with our designers to have complementary designs created to take your facility to the next level.

EZ Build Applications

This innovative system has endless applications.  Some of the most popular include :

  • Manual Assembly Worktables and Stations
  • Inventory Control Units and Custom Flow Racks
  • Ergonomic Transport Solutions
  • Information Signs
  • Mother Daughter Carts
  • Tool Shadow Box Carts
  • Kanban Systems

Along with having a wide variety of uses, this product is easy to assemble. Applied to your facility, it creates a safer and more productive work environment. EZ Build’s adaptability and custom solution make it a popular choice for businesses looking to improve efficiency and productivity on the work floor.

The EZ Build Catalog

EZ Build has the largest selection of joints, connectors and ancillary parts designed to meet a range of applications. The system’s components include a wide range of pipes made in a range of materials and sizes, including thick steel required for any steel building.  Check out the online catalog at www.ctekls.com. Already know what you need? Fill out a quote here or call us at 704.895.0090.