Benefits of Using Right-Sizing Structures

If you order a table, work bench, work station, or Flow Rack from a catalog, you’ll get a product that comes in one size. But if you want a custom solution or you have unique size requirements, a one-size-fits-all approach won’t suffice. Luckily, C Tek can help you with finding the right sizing for your structures and explain the benefits of finding structures that are sized right for your needs.

What is Rightsizing?

Rightsizing is a principle of using a structure that is ideally suited for your processes, rather than using a larger object that is larger than what you need and ultimately wastes energy and efficiency. Rightsizing is a happy medium between downsizing and using an excessive amount of equipment. Rightsizing is also a great way to maximize floor space, as you don’t end up using more room than is necessary for your equipment and operations.

Structures that Benefit From Rightsizing

Rightsizing can apply to a variety of structures. In your workspace, some of the most common structures that benefit from rightsizing are:

  • Work stations
  • Tables and work benches
  • Flow Racks

C Tek creates custom and efficient work stations by keeping important features such as sizing, motion, and function in mind. C Tek works with the entire team to develop a manufacturing solution that maximizes efficiency and conserves valuable space. Work stations are specially made to meet the demanding requirements on the production floor and help the people who use them perform specific tasks. Work stations are designed in-house to provide a viable solution for your team.

C Tek also provides rightsizing solutions for tables and work benches. Applying a similar principle, C Tek can create a custom solution for you that makes it easier for assembly workers to perform their tasks while reducing overall waste on your production floor and maximizing efficiency and output. If you have specific requirements for a work bench or a table, C Tek will build a custom solution for your workspace.

Flow racks help to improve efficiency on the work floor by reducing individual movement. While you can get a generic flow rack from a catalog, you can order a custom product from C Tek Solutions to better fit your needs. C Tek’s flow racks are specially designed with a heavy-duty construction to withstand pressure from even the most demanding activities on the assembly floor. Because of their longevity and durability, C Tek’s flow racks eliminate the need for temporary flow racks. They also comply with modifications you make to the assembly floor.

For more information on rightsizing structures and the benefits of having equipment sized perfectly for your work environment, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly and knowledgeable experts at C Tek today.