Adapting Lean Manufacturing Techniques for High-Mix Assembly Operations

Why High-Mix Assembly Is Imperative

In today’s manufacturing world, there are two routes a business can take. The first is the high volume but low-mix assembly approach in which a business specializes in just a few products and focuses on maximizing the production of just those products. The other is the high-mix assembly approach in which a business maximizes its ability to adapt its production facilities to produce a wider variety of products.

In the first version, there is a large capacity for waste in a variety of areas. Everything from transportation, long term storage, short term storage, products not being manufactured to correct specifications for long stretches of production before being caught or noticed, time lost in transition between phases of product production, and a whole host of other waste issues can arise.

In the later, high mix assembly strategy, the opportunities for waste are still present, but by using the principles of lean manufacturing we here at C Tek Solutions have produced a variety of concepts that can be applied to minimize the possibility of waste in the production process. We use our proprietary tools to help identify and eliminate waste in the phases of production and transition between each type of product’s manufacturing process.

Transition Phases: Waste or Leaner Techniques?

Using lean manufacturing techniques, we here at C Tek Lean Manufacturing Solutions have created an approach that notifies a business at once when possible waste is present in the transitionary phases between products. Tools and equipment often need to be adapted, altered, adjusted, or otherwise switched out to enter the new product line’s process in order to begin production of each new product. In this time, there can be plenty of wasted employee time and other factors that affect the bottom line.

Using our techniques of notification, we identify these areas and produce leaner manufacturing techniques to present to your employees so they can implement the new concepts to maximize transition efficiency and minimize wasted time and other elements that would seek to be a drain to the bottom line of your business.

This is just one of the many ways in which we here at C Tek can help solve your unnecessary loss in profit by maximizing the lean manufacturing techniques your team is able to identify and implement on a regular basis between product lines. There are many variations and customizations that you may need to utilize in order to enter into lean manufacturing when as you become more of a high-mix assembly operation.

Reasons for Utilizing C Tek Solutions Lean Manufacturing Identification and Implementation Tools

There are many reasons to use our services here at C Tek Lean Manufacturing Solutions to solve your inefficiency issues when adapting to become a more high-mix assembly operation. The first of which is that doing so will increase your company’s viability and longevity by making your business more capable of producing a wider range of products at a peak efficiency level which widens your customer base and ability to market your services to new clients. This increases bottom-line projections for the future of your manufacturing business and that is the bottom line of our goals here at C Tek Solutions.