4 Competitive Advantages to working with C Tek Lean Solutions

When deciding to utilize modular pipe & joint systems for the first time OR if you are looking for new cost-effective and compatible alternatives to existing suppliers such as Creform, National Integrated Systems (NISAMERICA) or Trilogiq, you may want to consider C Tek’s Competitive Advantages:

  • C Tek Experienced Ownership, Sales & Design Teams:  C Tek has an abundance of pipe & connector product & applicational experience that starts with our company owners and extends into both our regional sales force and in-house structure design team.  With well over a hundred years of combined knowledge in the sales and application of pipe & connector systems in a wide variety of manufacturing, assembly, and distribution scenarios, our team is at your disposal free of charge to both prospects and existing customers alike.
  • C TEK Gives You Options:  Only C Tek Lean Solutions offers a complete lineup of modular systems that can be used singularly OR integrated together to give you the ultimate freedom to design and install the most efficient and ergonomic workstations/work cells, flow racks, picking/kitting/parts/tool carts for your operation. Whether your needs are plastic extruded round steel pipe and components (C TEK EZ-BUILD), aluminum tube and connector components specialized for ESD  and/or Karikuri applications (C TEK AL-SYSTEMS), Hi-Strength steel tube systems (C TEK STS), to ESD and stainless steel components, C TEK has you covered.  You can also decide to purchase the tube and connectors in bulk, pre-cut, and kitted (for pre-designed structures) or fully assembled structures.  And, to top things off, most C TEK systems are compatible and interchangeable with other suppliers.
  • C TEK Localized Sales & Design Support:  C TEK provides regional and local sales personnel to take a personal interest in your operation.  In addition, we have a fully staffed design team that can help you take your concept and turn it into professional concept drawings that can help you and your team visualize new structures, their design and benefit(s) prior to ordering.  Sales personnel will schedule site visits and share product information, demonstrations (and free samples, when needed) throughout the year and are available to you via phone, email, video conference and site visits anytime a need occurs, or questions arise.
  • C TEK MAXIMIZES YOUR ROI :  When deciding to implement modular systems for the first time or considering changing suppliers, pricing is a very important factor.  C TEK systems are priced extremely competitively when compared to other suppliers and other solutions (Catalogs).  But do not let our less expensive pricing fool you into thinking our service and support come at an expense.  IT DOESN’T!  We like to say we offer commodity pricing but CUSTOMIZED customer service.  Put simply, we want you to be able to buy more so you can do more and help your operation become more efficient for the least cost possible.

To sum it all up, C TEK Lean Solutions provides a very solid value proposition by offering a variety of modular systems, a wealth of personal service and support to help get you the most out of our system(s) and all at very competitive prices.  We hope you will think of C TEK the next time you are considering utilizing a modular system OR if you are looking to make a change to your existing supplier(s).  C TEK Lean Solutions is your Lean Manufacturing & Distribution Partner.